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News you can use (1:11)

In their regular review of marketing and communications news, Brad and Scully discuss the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), prompted by a post on the topic from blogger Steve Cartwright. SEO sounds like a complex subject, but when broken down into its component parts it isn’t as difficult as many may think. It is important for all firms to be across SEO, as it touches every aspect of your website. Brad and Scully discuss five simple points to help understand what SEO is and the many factors that affect it: website code, content, inbound links, age of the domain name, and blogging. Put these five key items together and you will find your SEO ranking improve quickly.

In other news, Brad and Scully examine an article titled The Hot New Weapon in the Social Platform Wars: Content. Social media is an ever growing part of marketing and in the past you based it on technology, but now it’s all about content. Scully highlights that social media platforms are also entering the marketing world of content to keep an audience, so if they are taking part, it must work. He looks at some fascinating examples on how important content is becoming with social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Scully concludes that we need to be conscious of the power of content.

Professional Services Marketing frequently asked questions (10:17)

In this regular segment that aims to answer common professional services marketing questions, Brad and Scully look at the topic of how to brief an agency. Good briefs lead to better, more effective and measurable work which will ultimately save you time and money. Brad gives his top tips on how to brief an agency and get the creative outcome you are looking for. Brad’s tips include: taking a professional approach; be clear on your communication objective; keep the brief simple; and include background information, target audience, key messages, mandatories, budget, timelines, and approval from key decision makers. In conclusion, Brad says that it is best to deliver a brief in person and don’t confuse the message and the medium.

Marketing example (16:38)

In this episode Brad and Scully look at Google’s Doodles. Like all marketers, Google try and stay relevant and they do this really well with Google’s Doodles. On notable days throughout the year, Google will transform its logo into animations to match what is going on, the celebrations of the day, ranging from Anzac Day to the Cricket World Cup. It’s very clever, simple and creative — a good example of how we need to stand out from the crowd. If Google acknowledge this, then we all need to.

Rants and raves (18:08)

Finally, in the regular rants and raves segment, Scully takes the opportunity to rant about change for change’s sake. Scully keeps seeing this, but without a rationale, how can it be justified? Change needs to symbolise a new approach, energy, values and ethos. It is to announce that there is something different. It should not be because the CEO or Marketing Director is bored or trying to make their mark. Branding and identity can take a long time to build and it can be destroyed all too quickly. In closing, Scully gives the example of when Gap launched a new logo in an attempt to be more modern to attract a new audience, which only lasted two days! The lesson we can learn is to simply think about your clients and community and how you will be perceived.

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