cross promotion delights not-for-profit

Industry: Community Services/Aged Care

Assignments: Communications consulting, integrated marcom strategy

CommunityWest is a not-for-profit organisation with over 20 years’ experience in providing training and other professional development services, predominantly to organisations in WA funded by the WA Home and Community Care (HACC) program.


A major funding change was the impetus for CommunityWest to engage with imageseven early in 2014. CommunityWest provides training and professional development services to a range of organisations who help seniors and younger people with disability stay living independently in their own homes. CommunityWest had been 100 per cent funded by the WA HACC program to deliver these services on the program’s behalf. But on 1 July 2014, the funding model changed, and organisations would be expected to pay 100 percent of the cost for some courses or see a significant reduction of the course subsidy. The delivery of non-accredited training had been a major component of the services delivered by CommunityWest to the HACC sector. The funding change had the potential to erode CommunityWest’s market share, and threaten its financial viability.


After consultation with CommunityWest, it became clear an expanded communication platform/strategy to cross‐promote all training services and products would be required in the lead up to the 1 July deadline and beyond. A critical requirement for CommunityWest was that any tactical execution beyond the campaign timeframe could be managed in-house.

The starting point was a Marcom audit, and competitor and stakeholder analysis. Following this, imageseven recommended the development of an ongoing, integrated marcom strategy that implemented the best and most cost effective tools and channels to promote CommunityWest training courses. As part of the campaign, the following tools were used:

  • Email campaign
  • Direct mail
  • Social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube
  • CommunityWest forum and blogs

A social media strategy was developed to ensure consistent communication across all platforms. imageseven also prepared a six-month social media content calendar that accommodated weekly blog posts and aligned blog topics with key events within the industry.

imageseven created intelligent, quality content to engage current and prospective service providers to position CommunityWest as a thought leader in its area. Content included:

  • Key Messaging – developed key messaging and tagline for the campaign.
  • Testimonials – interviewed and developed seven written testimonials from end users and service providers.
  • Copy – developed copy for the email campaign and direct mail piece.
  • Blogs – provided the first three blogs for the CommunityWest forum.
  • Forum – renamed the existing forum to CW Exchange.

Finally, imageseven provided a comprehensive handover of operations to CommunityWest staff to facilitate long-term in-house management.


Overall, the campaign succeeded in meeting the objectives, reinforced by an increase in course uptake from July to August. Many of the tools and systems used to monitor the campaign were new to CommunityWest and so there is no benchmark available for comparison and therefore, a lack of statistical support. The campaign succeeded in:

  • Generating traffic to the forum and starting a conversation among service providers.
  • Minimising the risk of market share reduction in the delivery of HACC training that was funded by the HACC program.
  • Maintaining engagement with the sector to consolidate existing business and retaining financial viability across all products and services CommunityWest offers.
  • Generating new business opportunities.
  • Creating an expanding communication strategy to cross-promote all training services and products CommunityWest offers.

 client feedback

“In particular, we found considerable value in the recommendations of the social media audit conducted along with your encouragement to embrace a number of new channels as part of our regular communications program. The social media calendar you introduced to us will certainly be one that we will continue to use way after the campaign has ended. Although it is still early days, we believe that CommunityWest has benefitted from this campaign work with imageseven and we look forward to learning more in the future.”

Helen Attrill, Chief Executive Officer