cbc fremantle

unlocking brand value

Industry: Education
Assignments: Brand Discovery and Definition Program, Web Excellence Program, Brand deployment.


Christian Brothers College (CBC) Fremantle is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition for young men from Years 7 to 12. Established in 1901, the College offers unique pastoral care and education programmes based on a strong understanding of how boys learn, where students can become leaders in their quest to achieve personal excellence.

CBC Fremantle wanted to signify a new chapter in its long history and revitalise the College’s brand. In the face of an increasingly competitive marketplace, the College was seeking to strengthen its market position, optimise its competitive advantage to maximise student enrolments and appeal to a high calibre of staff candidates well into the future. imageseven was engaged to facilitate a Brand Discovery and Definition Program to reveal the College’s true value and define an authentic face and voice of the CBC Fremantle brand.


imageseven led a series of brand discovery sessions with a select group of key staff along with desk research, competitor comparisons and customer surveys to understand the College’s true value for customers. Two key value points emerged as strengths from parents and staff alike: the College has high standards of student behaviour and a caring, positive learning environment; and the College’s pastoral care ‘boy to man’ development program and traditional values were identified as points of difference. imageseven further refined and distilled these points down to: 'Today’s boys … tomorrow’s gentlemen', and our next task was to work closely with the College to articulate these across the core brand elements of key messages, value proposition and a refined and standardised visual identity. This was followed up with brand deployment across primary prospective customer touch points including the website, stationery and electronic branded templates.


The Brand Discovery and Definition Program revealed the key value points that resonate with the College’s market. As a result, CBC Fremantle has a refined visual identity to reinvigorate interest and trust in the school’s brand and a way to signal the growth and change that has occurred. Importantly, it has brought discipline to the College’s brand impressions and strengthened its market position.