how to signal change and delight parents

Industry: Education
Assignments: Yearbook re-launch, Communication Support Program

Kambala is an independent Anglican girls’ school catering for girls from Early Learning to Year 12, located in beautiful grounds in Rose Bay, with stunning views of Sydney Harbour. In 2014, with new Principal Debra Kelliher at the helm, Kambala wanted to signal change and re-launch the school’s annual.  


Re-launch the annual and bridge the gap between the old and new Kambala. 


The implementation of imageseven’s publication management system and design, production, printing and delivery of Kambala’s school annual.

Our first response was to work with Kambala to establish the objectives for their annual. A key part of the brief was to signal that change and renewal were happening at the school, so our job was to work with Kambala to interpret how that should be communicated. The key objective was to showcase the achievements of the Kambala students and provide an insight to the Kambala experience, while promoting the Kambala brand, values and experience. It became clear that bridging the gap between the old and new Kambala was a priority. 

As a tangible signal of change we recommended changing the format of the publication from A4 portrait to an A4 landscape size, and suggested changing the paper stock to a matt art stock to really showcase the school’s exceptional selection of imagery. Familiarity was maintained by basing the visual direction on Kambala’s established brand, while the pagination, content and the design was left largely unchanged. Kambala was also seeking to streamline and systemise its annual publication procedures, so we provided a set of guidelines for file naming conventions and production tracking that assisted Kambala’s internal marketing team, as well as providing a common reference point for all parties.


The impact of the new annual was felt immediately. The all-important chatter amongst parents and the Kambala school community was overwhelmingly positive. The anecdotal feedback provided to us by the client and Principal also supported this. The project was particularly gratifying and enabled imageseven to further develop its relationship with Kambala. Since the annual’s publication in April, and testament to their confidence in imageseven, Kambala has engaged in imageseven’s communication support program, and asked us to manage the production of its biannual school magazine, The Soubeiran.