singleton primary school

establishing brand discipline

Industry: Education
Assignments: Brand Discovery and Definition Program, Key Messaging Guide, Visual Identity Program


Established in 1996, Singleton Primary School is a regional coastal school, serving the southern metropolitan coastal communities of Madora Bay, Singleton, Golden Bay and semi rural Karnup in Western Australia. It is now an independent public school recognised for its commitment to equity and inclusivity.

Singleton Primary School’s decision to move to independent public school status marked a new chapter in the School’s history. It also presented an opportunity to revitalise the brand and build on the School’s value in the community. With a significant number of migrants and fly-in fly-out workers making up the school population, the ‘Singleton village’ serves as an extended family for many students and their families. imageseven was engaged to facilitate a Brand Discovery and Definition Program to reveal the Schools’s true value and define what it stands for.


The first step to brand discovery was to conduct a series of sessions with a select group of key staff, along with desk research, competitor comparisons and customer surveys. We discovered that the strong school community was of core value to both parents and teachers alike. The spirit of ‘one for all, all for one’ was deemed intrinsic to the school culture, where mutual respect and community mindedness are the norm. Our advice was to focus on this quality as a key differentiator and commemorate it in Singleton Primary School’s brand refinement process. With the strategy set, we focused on the development of key messages and a new visual identity to bring this to life.


The Brand Discovery and Definition Program was critical in identifying what was of real value to the Singleton school community. It has become a key differentiator and reinvigorated interest and trust in the School’s brand, signaling a quality and consistent future to stakeholders (parents, students and staff). Importantly, School staff have the confidence to use the visual identity correctly, thanks to the Communications Style Guide which provides a single reference point for all matters relating to the application of the visual identity.

client feedback

“As imageseven says, inconsistency is brand suicide. Our Communications Style Guide is a key tool for achieving a consistently professional image which is an important part of achieving our strategic goals. This exercise has also been very motivating for staff in that they realise they belong to something special.”

Bevan Ripp, Principal