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inspiring intellectual curiosity in teenage boys

Industry: Education
Assignments: Communications Consulting, Brand Deployment, Visual Identity Program 


How do you inspire in teenage boys a connection with the wider world, their place within it, and a desire to seek and discover? This was the challenge for the Humanities department at The Scots College. In November 2013, the College’s Humanities department wanted to establish a clear identity for the faculty, and requested the production of a series of permanent installations in the Humanities building, with particular emphasis on History and Geography, for the Senior School. The thinking behind the concept is that real school happens in the corridors, where the boys are in their own zone — before school, between periods, and at recess and lunch. The installations form part of an approach to “civilise the corridors and make them both aesthetically pleasing and metaphors for intellectual curiosity”.


imageseven conceptualised four wall skins and coordinated the installations that would essentially give the Humanities building some ‘va-va-voom’. The installation locations were selected to take advantage of maximum foot traffic and build exposure for the new branding.

The project was first discussed in late 2013 and during the Term 1 2014 school holidays the wall skins were installed. Effective design is essential to any creatively driven communication, but what’s more important is having a clear understanding of the needs of the client (not just their wants), and using that insight to develop an effective communications strategy. It was key from the outset that we have a clear understanding of the desired outcome for the client. This helped us to ensure, first that we understood what the College was looking for, and second that we could deliver the best solution to achieve the specified outcomes.

A discovery process was undertaken to identify the key locations to be featured visually; a research phase followed to stimulate inspiration and explore key imagery that met the brief. Following this, initial concepts were presented to the client which provided direction for subsequent concepts, and led to the creation of the final wall installations.

A number of challenges emerged during the project. Sourcing suitable imagery for the shape and location of the walls presented a considerable challenge — especially for adjoining staircases — as well as taking into consideration factors such as lighting, and occupational health and safety. Originally the client requested designed skins for double-doors. However, being an emergency exit the decision was made not to proceed at that point with this component of the campaign.


The feedback from the Humanities faculty and students alike has been encouraging. Hamish Bragg, Head of History at The Scots College was very pleased with the finished product. “Students are engaging with and admiring the new artwork installations and have shown a greater respect for the area and the subjects as a result.”

The successful execution and feedback has resulted in approval to roll-out further installations to the English and Languages areas of the College.

client feedback

"… it provides people coming into the area a sense of what the faculty is all about. The images show a diversity of areas that we investigate so it is good to get the visual ideas of the theory behind them. It brightens up the area …"

Year 11 Geography student, The Scots College