trinity grammar school

realising brand value

Industry: Education
Assignments: Marketing Communications Audit Program, Brand Messaging Guide, Communications Support Program


Trinity Grammar School is an independent Anglican day and boarding school for boys (Preschool to Year 12) in Sydney’s inner west. Established in 1913, Trinity has a longstanding tradition of providing a holistic education that guides boys to grow in mind, body and spirit.

Trinity Grammar School has been educating boys for a century but staff became somewhat tongue-tied when it came to articulating the School’s purpose and point of difference. Trinity Grammar School Head Master, Milton Cujes, felt that while things at the School were going well in terms of enrolments, it was important to measure against industry standards and best practice, and engaged imageseven to conduct a friendly audit.

imageseven’s Marketing and Communications Audit Program revealed that Trinity is a hidden treasure, with the School’s true value largely unknown by prospective customers. The School was commonly perceived as the runner-up choice compared to GPS (Great Public Schools) schools. As a parent summed up, “the benefits aren't apparent until your son is attending”. Like many schools, Trinity was delivering far more value than it communicates and was missing opportunities to build the School’s brand and share of enrolments.

The goal was to improve Trinity's competitive advantage and optimise market positioning by building the Trinity brand through clear and consistent messaging that resonates with prospective customers.

Listen to the Trinity Grammar School Principal, Milton Cujes


The first step was to discover and define Trinity’s value proposition — why customers choose Trinity — and the School’s points of difference. imageseven facilitated a series of brand discovery sessions with a select group of key staff along with desk research and competitor comparisons. What emerged was that existing families certainly valued the education Trinity provided and believed the School was delivering a holistic education within the traditions and the mission statement of the School. But significantly, that contrasted with the opinion of people who were yet to become part of the School community, those who were ‘shopping around’ for the appropriate school for their son. These two themes determined imageseven’s recommendations.


The Marketing and Communications Audit Program revealed the School’s true value for customers and points of difference. This knowledge became the basis for the development of an authentic voice of the Trinity brand which emulates what the School stands for while setting it apart. The voice of the brand was documented in a Messaging Guide. The Guide outlines the brand’s message architecture encompassing a hierarchy of key messages, an elevator pitch and tag line for use in communications. Having a Messaging Guide means that Trinity staff will never be lost for words when communicating about Trinity Grammar School. More importantly, this valuable internal tool is key to achieving a consistency of message which is essential for building the School’s brand.

client feedback

“I would certainly commend imageseven for your consideration, if you are interested in getting a profile — a realistic, professional profile — from a company that will be in tune with your mission and that has experience in independent education that very few other institutions have.

“It has given us a targeted approach to improving our messaging to the outside community. It also enables us to overcome the pitfall that often happens when you are trying to look at your own naval gazing operation. So a little bit of state-of-the-art professional clarity, the ability to be stirred into action and to reflect on what you previously thought was well and truly done well, and has all been very beneficial.” Milton Cujes, Head Master