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imageseven's Communication Support Program (CSP) provides a reliable, proactive partnership which maintains consistent quality marketing communications (marcom) that upholds the integrity and values of the client's brand, all while keeping the investment under tight control.

The imageseven CSP goes beyond a regular agency relationship ... it provides access to a fully-fledged marketing department at a level of support tailored to specific needs.

The program is structured to make sure clients stay in control and includes:

  • Access to the experience and wisdom of our entire team of marketing communications professionals.
  • Ongoing consulting, professional advice and communication management activities.
  • Should the need arise, we will step up and ask the hard questions, be an independent sounding board for ideas and offer advice on the difficult decisions.
  • The protection of our Standards of Practice - an enhanced version of a globally accepted code of conduct for professional marcom service firms.
  • No hidden obligations - that means no commissions and no contract periods … everything is up front.

Put simply, a CSP offers an end-to-end solution for your marcom needs.

It's insight applied.

You can learn more about the Communication Support Program by downloading our free ebook “How a communication support program can build your school’s business”.

Or, you can contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

"We have gone right back to basics and looked at taking a very old institution and trying to rebuild its story and focus into the future. It has been very carefully approached and executed in a very professional manner." Dr Ian PM Lambert, The Scots College

Click here to find out more about how imageseven's Communication Support Program helped The Scots College.


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