145: Tertiary lessons – interview with Bart Caylor

School Marketing Journal with Brad Entwistle and Andrew Sculthorpe

What lessons can K-12 school Heads draw from trends in the higher education market? We’re joined by Bart Caylor, president of Caylor Solutions; a company with a mission of “advancing brands that advance education”. Caylor first explains what makes an effective brand and then delves into the five examples in his article Effective Higher Education Brands and Why They Work, sharing what he’s learnt working with universities across the United States.

Episode links:

Western Governors University – https://www.wgu.edu/

Wabash – https://www.wabash.edu/

High Point University – https://www.highpoint.edu/

University of Wyoming – https://www.uwyo.edu/

Saybrook University – https://www.saybrook.edu/

Caylor Solutions – https://www.caylor-solutions.com/

Bart Caylor’s podcast, The Higher Ed Marketer – https://www.higheredmarketerpodcast.com/

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