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You are the school Head.
You are responsible for the quantity and the quality of enrolments at your school.

Many Heads tell us that they do not feel competent or confident with their communication and marketing responsibilities. Often, we are engaged when the success of their school’s mission is in jeopardy, their parent community is disengaged and confused, or they are not getting their fair share of enrolments.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help you bring your vision to life, lead your marketing with confidence and enjoy the success of strong enrolment demand.

How it works

imageseven’s ‘insight applied’ approach

  1. Tell us your pain point
  2. Get your tailored solution
  3. Save time and lead with confidence

Do you receive School Marketing Journal?

The School Marketing Journal helps Independent School Heads lead their school brand and augment their own professional development. The Journal provides practical and concise content that makes Heads feel in control and equipped to make better decisions, so they can save time and money, bring their vision to life and enjoy their school’s success.

When it comes to school communications and marketing, we feel your pain.