This book outlines how any school can adopt the Bold School Brand framework, position themselves, and build a compelling brand. The framework guides school Heads and marketing teams step-by-step through the process, illuminating potential pitfalls along the way.

School Heads are expected to have vision and be creative thinkers; they are also supposed to know how to bring these plans to life. For generations, CEOs and marketing leaders have struggled to make this happen — and they didn’t have an educational program to run or the added layers of complexity created by an intensely involved community. The team that brings you the School Marketing Journal and the longstanding SMC podcast has the expertise, the experience, and the passion for the job.

In Bold School Brand the authors demonstrate how to develop and implement the strategy that will set your school apart. Together with relevant case studies and a simple to follow process, they cut through the corporate jargon to model a practical approach to modern school marketing and communications. Put simply, it’s insight applied, and the Bold School Brand framework will allow you to make the maximum positive impact for your school.

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