Combating low consumer confidence and what the Kardashians did next [podcast #199]

Insights into the world of school marketing and communications, presented by Charlie Maughan and Rita Kilroy.

Show notes

Charlie and Rita start this episode discussing the news that social media juggernauts Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have taken aim at Instagram amid the platform’s latest changes to compete with TikTok. With a combined follower base north of 685 million followers, this is no laughing matter – something Snapchat is acutely aware of. In the Deep Dive, the focus turns to reports from the UK that consumer confidence is sliding to its lowest ever score and how school marketers can prepare to combat parent uncertainty. Finally, it’s Rave time (not that kind of rave!), as Charlie and Rita look at a great graphic from Canva that highlights common design principles school marketers should keep in mind.

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