School marketing and communication bonanza! [podcast #200]

School marketing and communications with Charlie Maughan and Rita Kilroy

Show notes

It’s Episode 200! In this milestone episode, Charlie and Rita are joined by several wonderful team members from imageseven to discuss all things school marketing and communications. We hope you enjoy this special episode!

  • 01:30 – How to execute the perfect video/photoshoot – Dean Smith 
  • 06:24 – Perfecting your digital advertising spend – James Tindall
  • 11:13 – Building your online community – Mikayla Coombes
  • 15:25 – Learnings from a designer – Pete Ion
  • 19:32 – How to understand your prospective parent – Suzanne Willcock
  • 24:14 – Determining the right blog content strategy for your school – Eleisha Perez
  • 27:22 – School events as marketing opportunities – Cassandra Kirkpatrick 
  • 32:36 – How to deliver the perfect yearbook – Vanessa Klomp
  • 37:24 – Canva – a designer’s working relationship – Imogen Smith
  • 42:02 – Nailing your social media content strategy – Isabella Tranchita
  • 48:19 – What makes school web design great – Jing Song
  • 53:41 – The future of school marketing – Andrew Sculthorpe 

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