Why you need to embrace the Martec revolution

Your school’s potential to fulfil its mission has skyrocketed, but the reasons behind this shift might not be clear to you just yet. It’s time to embrace the revolution in marketing technology that is fundamentally changing the equation.

As a school Head, your primary focus is on education and providing the best possible learning environment for your students. But, attracting the right number of mission-fit students at an acceptable cost of acquisition is your first priority. Simply put: no students equals mission failure.

The continual rise of marketing technology (Martec) is changing the two key variables in your school’s enrolment equation: mission-fit students and acceptable cost of acquisition. The changes have been happening for quite a few years but they have been brought into sharper focus with the recent spotlight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing tools.

Martec is making it easier to target mission-fit prospective families and is noticeably cheaper to do so. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, an approach to Martec that is differentiated from education technology is not only essential, it’s non-negotiable.

Understanding Martec’s Law and its implications

‘Martec’s Law’, which states that technology changes exponentially while organisations change logarithmically, highlights a critical issue for schools. If you continue to address the Martec needs of your marketing team in the same manner as the technology needs of your educators, you risk being left behind in a rapidly changing digital world. The result could be stagnant enrolments, decreased funding, and an inability to compete with other schools that have adapted more effectively. School Heads must give higher priority to the unique Martec needs of their teams and provide guidance on how to manage this challenge effectively.

Your Martec action plan

To ensure your school’s marketing efforts remain competitive and effective, it is imperative to take a proactive and assertive approach. Here’s a high-level action plan to address the paradox of modern marketing improvement.

  1. Accepting perpetual change – and thriving in it: In today’s dynamic marketing environment, clinging to traditional methods and hoping for stability is nothing but a losing strategy. Recognise that constant change is the new normal and strive to thrive within it. Equip your marketing team with the technology and skills required to adapt and excel in a perpetually evolving landscape. Additionally, invest in ongoing training and development for your marketing team, ensuring they stay updated with the latest trends, tools and best practices in digital marketing.

  2. Prioritisation and strategic alignment – the key to marketing success: You cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer. It is time to embrace and prioritise the technological changes that will have the greatest impact on your school’s marketing and align with your overall strategy. This is not optional; it is essential. Invest in the right technology, and your marketing team will reward you with increased visibility and enrolment enquiries. Perform regular audits of your current Martec stack and identify areas for improvement, ensuring the tools you utilise are still relevant and effective in achieving your marketing goals.

  3. Embrace agility – or risk becoming obsolete: The ability to adapt swiftly to changes is the cornerstone of marketing success. Adopting agile methodologies, such as lean and agile marketing, will no longer be a choice but a necessity to increase the rate at which your school can absorb changes. By implementing agile thinking and designing your Martec stack for change, you enable your marketing team to adapt to new products and services while phasing out outdated ones. Fail to embrace agility, and you may find your school’s marketing efforts becoming irrelevant and ineffective. Encourage open communication and collaboration within your marketing team, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.

  4. Organisational resets – the game-changer: Incremental adjustments are no longer enough. Periodically, you must be willing to undertake revolutionary changes in your marketing approach. Challenge yourself and your team by asking, “If we were starting our marketing strategy and technology from scratch today, what would it look like?” Be prepared to make bold, transformative shifts that will redefine your school’s marketing and help you stay ahead of the competition. Set aside time for brainstorming sessions, bringing together key stakeholders from your school community to identify new opportunities and fresh ideas.


Your school’s future depends on today’s decisions

The era of passive adaptation to marketing technology is over. The time for change is now. Embracing the Martec revolution does not guarantee enrolment success, but without it, your school’s future becomes increasingly unsustainable. It’s up to you to lead the charge and provide your marketing team with the tools and strategies they need to excel in this dynamic digital world.


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