School Marketing Journal

The School Marketing Journal is a quarterly magazine for school Heads covering the latest in school marketing and communications

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How to get the most from your
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The School Marketing Journal exists to serve school Heads. If school Heads have the right information, they can make better marketing decisions, realise marketing efficiencies and create more effective communications, putting their school in a better place to realise its mission. To do that, we enlist the foremost experts in school marketing and communication, collaborating to express their thoughts in the most influential way possible.

SMJ covers communication and marketing from a wide range of angles including strategy, leadership, technology, law, research, operations, innovation, decision-making and team management.

Editorial mission

The School Marketing Journal (SMJ) helps Independent School Heads lead their school brand and augment their own professional development. The Journal will provide practical and concise content that makes Heads feel in control and equipped to make better decisions, so they can save time and money, bring their vision to life and enjoy their school’s success.

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