Let’s be honest

Marketing and education are often not good friends. In fact, they usually don’t play well together at all, and you, as school Head, are often the meat in the sandwich.

But it doesn’t have to be that way …

We understand you wear many hats and when it comes to school communication and marketing, we feel your pain. Successful schools don’t just happen. They require leadership that can balance many competing priorities while still progressing toward fulfilling the school’s mission.

A precursor to the long-term success of a school is dependent on attracting a sufficient number of suitable students at an acceptable cost of acquisition. The irony is that effective school communication and marketing creates savings in time (yours) and money. Yet many schools are not attracting their fair share of enrolments and their mission is stalled.

You can bring your school vision to life, have more time and lead a school that is in-demand.

We’re here to help you succeed. Schedule a call and tell us the pain point at your school. We will focus all of our experience in crafting a tailored solution that works for you in your school.

Because your mission is our mission.

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Associates we trust

From time to time, our clients require the services of specialists in related fields. We’ve developed a tight network of associates who we work with and trust.

As MMG Education’s founding partner, Tony has a deep understanding of the challenges and demands placed on school Heads, having served on the board of a leading independent school for over nine years. Tony is passionate about working with school leaders and leadership teams as they face increased challenges relating to such areas as parent expectations, student wellbeing and staff welfare. MMG are recognised as leaders in tailored school stakeholder research and performance benchmarking.

Amanda has held senior roles in the largest advertising agencies and advised some of the most reputable brands. Amanda’s firm, Mentor Marketing, works with imageseven to plan and execute advertising buying on behalf of schools, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Amanda and her team are specialists in strategic media development, media analysis, contract negotiations, media planning, buying and campaign execution.

John Le Cras has more than 35 years of experience as a journalist, news editor and senior marketing and public relations executive. John’s career spans through roles as a senior media executive to general management roles with responsibility for driving the full suite of disciplines in marketing, market research, brand strategy, media and stakeholder relations, community engagement, internal communications and employee engagement. John’s firm, JLCA, works with imageseven to manage issues and media relations.

Career highlights
  • Newspaper reporter, and ABC Television and Radio news reporter
  • Director of News and Current Affairs, Channel Seven Perth
  • Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Murdoch University
  • General Manager, Marketing and Communications, HBF

Paul is a highly regarded educational leader and mentor with over 40 years of experience in independent schools, including 24 years as a Principal. His core services are designed to guide, inspire and develop leadership within schools. Paul’s expertise includes interim principal roles, executive recruitment, mentoring educational leaders, facilitating strategic planning and conducting staff performance reviews. He offers tailored coaching and leadership development programs for principals and executive leadership teams, ensuring that schools leverage their strengths and achieve their strategic objectives.

Tom brings 38 years of experience in independent schools, including 27 years as a Head of School across the United States. He is renowned for his expertise in transforming school environments, notably increasing enrolments and securing significant financial support. His strategic leadership has led schools to enhance their enrolment, financial stability and academic reputation. Tom’s extensive background and strategic insight make him a valuable partner for school Heads seeking to navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Today, Tom enjoys mentoring a select group of school Heads.