Let’s be honest

Marketing and education are often not good friends. In fact, they usually don’t play well together at all, and you, as school Head, are often the meat in the sandwich.

But it doesn’t have to be that way …

We understand you wear many hats and when it comes to school communication and marketing, we feel your pain. Successful schools don’t just happen. They require leadership that can balance many competing priorities while still progressing toward fulfilling the school’s mission.

A precursor to the long-term success of a school is dependent on attracting a sufficient number of suitable students at an acceptable cost of acquisition. The irony is that effective school communication and marketing creates savings in time (yours) and money. Yet many schools are not attracting their fair share of enrolments and their mission is stalled.

You can bring your school vision to life, have more time and lead a school that is in-demand.

We’re here to help you succeed. Schedule a call and tell us the pain point at your school. We will focus all of our experience in crafting a tailored solution that works for you in your school.

Because your mission is our mission.

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Here for you

Brad Entwistle

Founding Partner

Brad is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of imageseven. His strategic mindset and deep business acumen allow him to reveal communication and marketing insights that build value for schools. He has an unhealthy obsession with Pepsi Max and won’t hesitate to use his Jedi powers to lure you away from the ‘dark side’ of Coke.


Andrew Sculthorpe

Managing Partner

With 30 years’ experience up his sleeve, Andrew is the perfect combo of communications practitioner, accountant and business advisor. He takes the lead in delivering imageseven’s ‘insight’ programs with the same passion and drive as he dedicates to his beloved sport of cricket. It’s just a shame he barracks for the wrong team!


Carrie Anderson

Carrie is the finance guru of imageseven. With a Bachelor of Accounting degree from the University of South Africa up her sleeve, she has been part of the furniture for longer than she cares to remember. Her finance and management prowess have shaped the way imageseven does pretty much everything behind the scenes. An award-winning triathlete, she knows how to deal with any obstacles in her path, find the best course and come out in front.


Jose Caceres

Jose caught the design and development bugs early, earning a degree in Multimedia Design. A self-professed ‘nerd in denial’, even he can’t deny how excited he gets about well-executed design. With experience in digital art direction, video production, motion graphics and website creation, Jose will multitask your multimedia to new heights. The proud father of Banshee, a one-eyed dingo, he’s also a keen cook who can design your dinner with the same excellence as he designs your website.


Alissa Cass

Alissa loves all things marketing and design, and it shows. Thanks to her not-for-profit experience, she is adept at finding creative ways to get the most bang for her clients’ buck. Connecting insights to outcomes, Alissa also makes the most of her aerial acrobatic expertise, helping her clients fly high. On weekends, she keeps her feet firmly on the ground (or on the couch), indulging in chocolate and the latest rom-coms.


Lindy Chu

Lindy is a communications professional who knows data and project management. She brings insight, energy and tenacity to finding and implementing the best solutions for her clients, as well as becoming their personal cheer squad. Lindy applies that same steely determination to serving up a storm on the badminton court.


Jacinda Crabb

With a degree in Journalism and Public Relations, Jacinda spent many years chasing news stories before landing in community relations where her creative passion for crafting messages was switched on. Having worked in diverse sectors including remote and regional electricity provision, she knows how to make powerful connections for her clients and add spark to communications. She harnesses that same energy to keep up with her young family and young-at-heart kelpie.


Michael Elkins

Michael has a degree in Marketing and many years under his belt creating high-end video and photography content for some of Australia’s biggest (and smallest) brands. He loves the big picture and working with clients to understand their needs and shape strategy, while also getting close-up to bring that thinking into focus. Michael studied photography before digital cameras were even a thing, so you can trust him to find picture perfect solutions.


Hayley Emmett

Hayley loves uncovering the creative challenge of pushing the boundaries to keep visual direction relevant and inspiring while still retaining brand integrity. More than a graphic designer, Hayley is imageseven’s Creative Manager, overseeing workflow and ensuring projects are managed efficiently. Her energetic approach to design is sparked by her prowess on the sporting field and love of the outdoors, fashion and live music.


Celeste Fourie

With an honours degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing in her saddlebag, Celeste is a skilful social media and content marketing strategist. A digital specialist and trend watcher, she collects insights and has the know-how to apply them. Having learned to ride a horse before she could walk, Celeste confidently takes the reins and guides her clients along the best communication and marketing trails.


Megan Gammie

Graduating from The University of Western Australia with honours in Marketing, Megan has cycled her way around the world as an international track competitor. She gets more excited than she probably should about all things digital and knows better than anyone how to choose the right gear to propel her clients forward. Getting (and keeping) the wheels turning is her specialty, focusing on her favourite three Cs: customer experience, coffee and cinnamon rolls.


Shelley Garcia-Webb

With 20 years’ experience in education marketing, Shelley knows schools. An accomplished copywriter and uniquely talented as a strong strategic thinker, she is skilful in all aspects of tactical application. A passionate photographer in her spare time, Shelley knows how to set the scene, sharpen the focus and frame her clients’ communications and marketing in ways that ensure picture perfect results.


Karen Hughes

Karen has a degree in Communications and over 15 years’ experience designing and delivering campaigns internationally across a broad range of market sectors. Originally from the UK, Karen worked for global and boutique communication agencies in London before making the big move down under. With her storyteller’s insight, her writer’s inspiration and her love of road trips in the family campervan, she knows which journeys yield the best results for her clients.


Peter Ion

Pete is a design evangelist, solutions architect, art fundamentalist and coffee connoisseur. He is a highly regarded leader and creative who compels and inspires an ‘outside the box’ approach to insightful solutions. He is the Scooby Doo of the design world – he’s lovable and can sniff out a creative solution to any design challenge.


Jaxon Jennings

Born during the innovation revolution, Jaxon grew up a digital native and has been at the forefront of the web’s transformation into the social place it is today. His self-declared mission is managing what he labels “the biggest communication shift in 500 years.” Creating video and photography in his spare time, matched with a deep knowledge of digital behaviours, has given him the eye for the kind of detail needed to make engaging content, no matter the platform it’s presented on.


Claire Jones

Claire is a strategic-thinking marketing professional with over 18 years’ experience. A quintessential communicator, she is skilled in directing complex projects, coordinating efforts and helping her clients achieve their end goal. Claire is an enthusiastic gardener (and qualified floral designer, no less), putting her green thumb to good use, planting, nurturing and growing ideas through to fruition. She has too many plants to count and won’t lead anyone up the garden path.


Rita Kilroy

Rita is an experienced marketing expert with keen strategic insight and a focus on measurable results. Heralding from the Emerald Isle, Rita traded rolling hills and wet weather for the sunny shores and clean breaks of Australia in 2014. Away from the office, she can be found carving up the surf at the beach.


Cassandra Kirkpatrick

Cassandra loves using her background in stage and screen to explore creative solutions for her clients. With experience in marketing, communications and customer services across the performing arts world, she’s used to juggling a million things at once. Having returned to sunny Perth to escape the Chicago snow, you’ll find her out and about whenever she can: at a festival, catching a show or a footy game, or on adventures with her husband and needy dog Vlady.


Vanessa Klomp

Vanessa knows education from the inside out. She’s ventured through several incarnations of educational administration (including the international language variety) and studied commerce, public relations and tourism. An avid traveller, she’s quick to understand different cultures and use her experience to shape and drive effective communications. She’s been face-to-face with gorillas and border security, so is ready to tackle any challenge!


Lauren Lambert

With an insightful, critical eye and unrelenting proofreading obsession, Lauren has the finer details covered. Add to that her vision and wide-ranging expertise in customer focus and support, and she will deliver what you need when you need it. Lauren’s just as passionate about getting lost in a book or a recipe and, with an avid green thumb, her focused mindset will definitely get your thumbs up.


Charlie Maughan

Combining strategy with creativity, Charlie is ready for any client challenge. Bringing media experience with him from London, he has worked in Perth’s not-for-profit sector for nearly a decade. Out of the office, you will find him doing something exhaustingly active with his wife, daughter and dog Billie.


Rachel Morse

Rachel has an unquenchable curiosity that has seen her study sociology, the environment and design (amongst other things). Having run her own successful business and worked in education, politics and the media she knows how to listen, learn, liaise and lead clients down the best path. With a husband and three teenage children at home, Rachel’s life sometimes feels like rom-com meets sit-com, so it’s just as well she loves screenwriting too.


Amelia Murphy

A fashion, fitness and food fanatic, Amelia brings a flair like no other to delivering the best for her clients. Paired with a Bachelor of Communications and Media, her experience in managing and leading in a retail environment enables her to tailor universal campaigns to niche markets. Meeting customers where they are, Amelia creates seamless personalised connections with a style and grace usually reserved for the catwalk.


Kerry-lee Riley

Kerry-lee is a wordsmith with a passion for writing, reading and interior design. Along with a degree in Communications and Journalism, she has a wealth of experience in creating killer copy and content, and learnt school marketing from the inside out, A qualified nutritionist and personal trainer into the bargain, Kerry-lee knows how to create the perfect marketing meal plans for her clients and keep their communications in shape.


Kelly Saillard

Kelly graduated from the Design Centre Enmore, one of Sydney’s finest design schools, before launching herself straight into the world of design, media and marketing. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing creative projects to life across a broad range of media, she has a keen eye for detail and is skilled in managing events, communications and projects. Kelly loves to explore both land and sea, leaving no stone unturned in discovering the best outcomes for her clients.


Jenni Smith

With a degree in Journalism from the UK and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, Jenni knows deeply the how and why of creating inspiring copy. Teamed with her love of crime novels, her background in television, marketing, social media and print means she can unravel the mystery of how best to deliver key messages to your audience. When she’s not playing with words, you can find Jenni enjoying the great outdoors with her young family.


Jing Song

Jing delights in design. With well-honed skills and experience in designing websites, graphics and interiors, she knows exactly what it takes to make things look good, feel good and achieve their purpose. Jing’s travel bug serves her well in exploring clients’ needs, communicating in different contexts and creating powerful visual identities. With her feet firmly on the ground, she loves to fly high and help her clients do the same.


Isabella Tranchita

An avid foodie with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, Isabella knows how to create the perfect recipe for her clients. Add in the ingredients of her marketing skills, know-how in identifying, whetting and satisfying an audience’s appetite, and you can be sure the customer service and experience she serves up will be second to none.


Fiona Volke

Fiona has a wealth of experience in managing people, communications and business operations. With marketing know-how developed in small start-ups through to corporates and not-for-profits, she’s also an adaptable, problem-solving administrative whizz. Fiona doesn’t hesitate in heading down proverbial rabbit-holes, garnering myriad insights along the way. She loves to play with words, and (thankfully) only verbalises half the puns that go through her head.


Marie White

Hailing from the UK, Marie had a former life in film and entertainment, but we don’t hold that against her. In fact, it means she knows what makes an audience tick. Specialising in partnerships and promotions, Marie also loves collaboration. Combined with her solid storytelling skills as both a mum and English Literature graduate, this means she wins the Oscar for best-in-class publications. Her love of a good book and a fabulous heel knows no bounds.


Suzanne Willcock

Suzanne is the Amelia Earhart of imageseven – one of our original pioneers and a highly regarded marketing and communications professional of over 20 years. She gets excited about nutting out the strategic and creative elements of marketing projects, while overseeing their tactical execution. She’s known to indulge in an occasional glass of ‘fizz’ and is an avid gym junkie.


Associates we trust

From time to time, our clients require the services of specialists in related fields. We’ve developed a tight network of associates who we work with and trust.

As MMG Education’s founding partner, Tony has a deep understanding of the challenges and demands placed on school Heads, having served on the board of a leading independent school for over nine years. Tony is passionate about working with school leaders and leadership teams as they face increased challenges relating to such areas as parent expectations, student wellbeing and staff welfare. MMG are recognised as leaders in tailored school stakeholder research and performance benchmarking.

Amanda has held senior roles in the largest advertising agencies and advised some of the most reputable brands. Amanda’s firm, Mentor Marketing, works with imageseven to plan and execute advertising buying on behalf of schools, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Amanda and her team are specialists in strategic media development, media analysis, contract negotiations, media planning, buying and campaign execution.

John Le Cras has more than 35 years of experience as a journalist, news editor and senior marketing and public relations executive. John’s career spans through roles as a senior media executive to general management roles with responsibility for driving the full suite of disciplines in marketing, market research, brand strategy, media and stakeholder relations, community engagement, internal communications and employee engagement. John’s firm, JLCA, works with imageseven to manage issues and media relations.

Career highlights
  • Newspaper reporter, and ABC Television and Radio news reporter
  • Director of News and Current Affairs, Channel Seven Perth
  • Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Murdoch University
  • General Manager, Marketing and Communications, HBF