How to extend your school’s blog reach

So, you’ve planned your school’s content calendar, written some great copy and published your blog post. Now for the followers to, well … follow. No? Aren’t engaging with your audience as much as you had hoped? This is because your school community are bombarded with insightful blogs every day. Your school’s blog needs to be unique to stand out from the crowd.

Once you have informed, enlightened or amused your school community in your copy, follow these top tips to help extend your blog’s reach after you’ve hit publish;

Choose a heading that is relatable and searchable. Think about what your parents or students might search for if they were looking for information on the subject and include keywords or phrases. Include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in your school’s blogs. Optimise keywords in your copy to rank higher amongst search engines. Don’t stop there, also optimise keyword synonyms and include them in your copy, e.g. parenting advice, could also be searchable by parenting tips or parenting help. To learn more, check out Razvan Gavrila’s blog.

Keep sharing
We often share our cleverly crafted blog once and move on, but what about your parents and staff that missed this opportunity? It is important to share your blog consistently on different platforms. Schedule the post twice in the same week and a month after. If the content is relevant to an upcoming school event or latest news, make your school community aware to add value. Just ensure that the title is changed on each channel to entice them and avoid looking like spam.

The advantages of repurposing your school’s blog content means you can ‘create less and promote more’ as Salma Jafri summarises. Can your blog become an ebook, a podcast, a pamphlet or a school presentation? By accessing a new medium you are able to reach a new audience and help increase your following. Repeating your school’s message, reinforces it and gives your content authority to increase reach.

Ensure your blog is in all the right places and in more than one. Emailing is the most obvious channel to promote your blog as your school’s subscribers will be most interested in your news. Put your blogs on your school’s website or in your school’s enewsletter, even if they are few and far between, include them in a resource section. Share your blogs via social media and pick the right accounts for your school to ensure maximum engagement with your school community.

Explore how you can extend your school’s blog reach by employing these simple but effective tips. Get your worthwhile content out there to target a wider audience. Focus on increasing opportunities for your blog to be seen to convert readers into followers.

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