Brand consistency

Does it matter? What impact does it have?

It is rare that imageseven completes a school branding engagement without seeking an answer to a simple but critical question: is this branding initiative sustainable?

The ability of your school to be relentlessly consistent in the application of your brand is vital to the long-term success of your school. Your brand is not just your crest, graphic design and colours. Your brand is who you are, what you promise, and your ability and willingness to keep that promise.

It has long been an accepted fact that great brands of every size and shape are incredibly consistent in the execution of their brand. In a world with increased pressure for short-term results, playing the long game and being consistent takes a commitment that most organisations find onerous. Schools are uniquely placed to develop strong brands that are consistently applied; however, they often accept brand inconsistency without realising the impact it can have on trust and enrolments.

Almost every study participant agreed that it is important to consistently present their brand in all the places it is encountered. Highly visible school brands function like magnets, attracting prospective parents to them while conveying the brand promises, reinforcing the value and encouraging loyalty.

Careless or inconsistent presentation of a brand robs it of some of these coveted powers. So, while almost all of this study’s participants agree that consistent presentation is important, fewer than half of them are protecting their brand in this way.

Source: The Impact of Brand Consistency, Demand Metric

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