3 ways to share your school content outside social media

It’s easy to be bored by the idea of routine. The notion of a daily schedule or weekly agenda can induce a violent shudder, especially in the morning! Not to mention our tendency to associate routine with the mundane, the banal, the familiar. Yes, it’s easy to be bored by a boring routine.

When it comes to school marketing and content sharing, it’s worth giving new life to your routine. Are you posting your valuable school content to the same social media platforms every week without attracting any new audience members? Then grab a coffee and take a look at these three additional ways to share your school content outside social media platforms.

  1. Your school website – this first one might seem obvious. For many people, your website will be the first online interaction they have with your school, so make the most of it. Frequently posting content to your website demonstrates that you are actively engaging with your digital audience. You can (and should) also display links to all of your social media platforms to unite your online presence.
  2. Podcastscreating a podcast for your school is a great method of storytelling. The audio format of a podcast allows your listeners to get to know a student, a staff member or a member of the broader school community in conversation. When producing a school podcast always remember to have a clearly defined topic for each episode, use open-ended questions and edit meticulously.
  3. Print – though this is very 1990s but in actual fact, print media is now considered a boutique, specialist content medium in comparison to its digital counterpart. It’s easy to click ‘post’ on your article and cast it out of your mind, but to put your writing in ink shows that you are committed to those words, and demonstrates the value you hold for your audience beyond viewing text on a screen.

Diversifying your content sharing conventions is important and encouraged if you don’t want your routine to grow stale. By sharing content on your school website, starting a school podcast and diving back into the past with some printed material, you will expand your reach beyond the standard social media platforms.

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