4 ways to build your school’s brand on social media

When used correctly, social media can be an effective and powerful marketing tool. Most schools are present on at least one social media platform, and many schools are on multiple. So, how do you decide which platform is best for your school, and how can you use social media to build your school’s brand?

Here are our top 4 ways to build your school’s brand on social media:

1. Select the best networks for your school
It is important that you spend time researching social media platforms before choosing which platforms you will invest time and money in.

2. Post good content, regularly
Post content that is going to be relevant and interesting to your target market. It’s best to avoid pushing enrolments constantly on your feed, and instead find ways to engage your audience so that you are speaking with them – not at them. Blog posts have proven to be very effective for schools across the world, as people share, comment or like the posts, which then promotes it to their networks. Posts with photos get higher engagement, so aim to use images in your posts when appropriate.

3. Keep your branding consistent
Where possible, use the same name, logo and colours across all of your social media platforms. This will ensure brand consistency and recognition. Ensure that you have designed your branded elements to the size and design specifications of each social platform to ensure that your branding displays correctly across all devices. To find out what size each element should be, read The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Social Media Photo and Image Sizes by Hubspot.

4. Be quick to respond
Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it is important that it is responded to quickly. This will help your audience to feel valued and heard, and will help you to stay ahead. Reading and responding to what your audience is telling you can provide great insight and might highlight potential issues that you can resolve, before they become significant problems.

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