5 factors you need to consider when redesigning your school logo

So you have decided that it is time for your school to rebrand. You want to signal a change to the marketplace and you understand all the elements required to completely rebrand your school. It is at this point you arrive at the fun part, redesigning your logo, but where to start? As with many design projects, the possibilities are endless, so having some simple rules to follow can be very helpful.

Here are 5 factors you need to consider when redesigning your school logo.

1. Ensure it reflects your school brand
Your logo should represent your school. A school with a long, proud heritage and deeply rooted traditions, might choose a more traditional visual style. Whereas, a new, modern school only just starting to establish its name in the education sector, might choose a more contemporary style.

2. Make it timeless
Whether your school is old or new, any school logo should be made to stand the test of time. Creating a timeless logo means that it is not affected by style trends that change regularly over short periods of time.

3. Don’t over complicate it
Your logo needs to be memorable and clear. If a logo is overly complicated it reduces brand recognition and retention. If a prospective parent sees your school logo out of the corner of their eye, you want them to be able to recognise it instantly and not have to take a second look. When I mention companies like Nike, Apple and McDonalds, everyone can instantly remember and recall their logos, because they are simple and clear.

4. Choose your colours carefully
Colour choice is a very important factor to consider when designing your logo. Do the colours match your school’s persona and style? Do the colours work well together on your logo? Do they stand out? Are they in line with your style guide?

5. Consider where the logo will appear
Does your logo look good in digital applications like your website as well as on paper? What about on business cards or name badges? Your logo will need to be applied across your digital and physical branding so you need to ensure it is well designed and checked for consistency across all the places it will appear.

One final piece of advice, make sure it looks good. Your logo may include all the right colours, represent your school and be recognisable but still lack professionalism. An external perspective and opinion will never hurt.

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