How to diversify your school blog entries to captivate your readers

Writing for your school blog can really get tough sometimes.

Aside from the occasional writer’s block, one of the main challenges school marketers often get worried about is keeping school blog subscribers interested. If your blog entries are not interesting enough, or if they all look the same to your readers, you might face a sudden drop in readership due to unsubscribes.

In order to draw more subscribers to your school blog and keep them interested, you must learn how to mix up your topics. Some of the best blogs out there (such as Hubspot and KISSmetrics) utilise a mix of blog styles to keep their readers engaged.

The key to keeping your subscribers interested is being able to write a mix of blog types. Here are six ways how to diversify your school blog entries to captivate your readers:

  1. Useful, everyday posts
    Quick to write, quick to read, they give useful information to people on the go. The takeaway message is easily discernible and easily applied.
  2. Thoughtful blogs
    These blogs probe new developments in technology or the industry, and establish you as an industry thought leader. They generally take longer to write and read, but gain good traction.
  3. How-to blogs
    These blogs give the reader a rundown of a process or topic. Ideally, the reader should be able to dive right in after reading this.
  4. Data-driven blogs
    Research the latest industry trend/website/parent behaviour and write about it. You’ll need a lot of time spare to do the research, but these blogs have a great chance of being picked up by others, therefore introducing new audiences to your school.
  5. Fire starters
    Here you’ll be taking a stance on a topic – usually one that will upset a few readers – with the goal being to start a conversation.
  6. Fun stuff
    Don’t forget to take a light-hearted approach every now and then. Utilise comics and videos to show that you don’t take yourself so seriously.

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