How to use video streaming to amplify your school brand

Video streaming allows brands to connect with their audience authentically and encourages users to participate in brand storytelling to enhance the customer experience. Telling your school’s story through video reinforces school values, builds customer relationships and grows your audience. Video content can easily be integrated into your regular communication channels such as newsletters, emails, social media and the school website to amplify your message.

Here’s how to use video streaming to amplify your school brand:

Live events
Video streaming live school events such as presentations, performances, speeches, musicals, plays, carnivals, sporting events or assemblies is the ideal way to give your audience a flavour of school life and your school brand. Events provide timely content for experimentation with live video apps such as Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Staff spotlight interviews
Give your audience school insights by conducting short interviews with key staff members and teachers to demonstrate their expertise and passion and school values to allow your audience to connect authentically with your people. It brings the school to life and can be a regular segment to share on the website and social media channels.

Q&A with admissions
The admissions department is often the fount of knowledge for your school audiences’ pain points. Why not record typical questions and answers that are useful to prospective parents? This awareness stage content can be built upon to create a knowledge resource bank on the website, included in newsletters and featured as a regular post on social media.

News announcements
School announcements such as the Principal’s address are very video-worthy content that your audience is more likely to engage with via video than just words on a screen. It gives the school brand a human face and builds trust in the school with thought leadership. Other important announcements can be recorded as if speaking directly with the audience and delivering news personally.

Behind the scenes
Video streaming on social media can be used to capture ‘behind the scenes’ moments of everyday school life that connect emotionally and personally with your audience. This content is generally more relaxed and authentic, deepening the audiences’ connection with the brand and giving them unique insight into the school.

Virtual tour
Often your prospective parents will not know what is beyond the school gates unless they have taken a school tour. A virtual tour offers an interactive way for you to show your audience what you have to offer — the school grounds, facilities, space and a snippet of school life. Although this is a larger investment, virtual tour video footage on the school website homepage is perfect content for the consideration stage of your prospective parents.

Product development
Is your school expanding? Do you have new boarding facilities? Use video streaming to showcase or provide updates on your latest building developments. Creating a timelapse is a great way to capture this kind of content and can be updated as the project progresses. The audience is able to share the journey with you over time.

The success of live video streaming for school brands depends on the their ability to embrace conversation, be human and welcome change. Storytelling through video doesn’t always have to be polished and produced — it is dependent on the message and delivery. Be willing and empowered to experiment and improvise to successfully engage with your audience.

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