How to use video to improve your school marketing

Videos are one of the greatest tools a school marketer has. Videos are engaging, with Facebook reportedly receiving eight billion video views per day; they are easier to digest than long pieces of text; and they are personable, helping you to build a stronger trust between your school and your audience.

Here are ways how to use video to improve your school marketing.

  1. Develop your homepage
    Your school’s website is your opportunity to make a great first impression and videos can help you achieve this. Videos allow prospective students and families to catch a glimpse of who your school is, what it looks like and what your school is about. Videos help you to communicate your school’s values in a more engaging way.What’s the first thing people see when they visit your website? Too many words can be confusing and even unappealing to visitors, but videos provide a creative and sleek way to clarify your message and improve your homepage.
  2. Promote your school
    Videos can be very helpful in promoting your school. Through videos, you can present your school in a positive light, highlight your strengths as an educational institution, share key information and answer any big questions prospective families may have.
  3. Do a tutorial
    What are the common difficulties your students or parents have? What do prospective often need help with? By creating video tutorials, you can direct them to a database of answers. Create video tutorials for tasks like how to fill out an absentee form, how to enrol your child for the next school year or how to register your son to a sports team.Easy to follow tutorial videos are convenient ways to delight current families and show prospective families that you provide ongoing support to your audience.
  4. Show event videos
    Sharing highlights from the life of your school, such as a graduation or an assembly, is a fantastic way to engage an audience – especially through live videos. Research found that viewers spend up to 8.1x more time watching a live video than watching video-on-demand. Live streaming a sports match, a speech or a key event at your school provides a great way for existing and prospective families to connect with your school.
  5. Share testimonial videos
    Future students and families ultimately want to know that your school is worth going to. One of the most effective ways to facilitate this is to share testimonials from key alumni, as these individuals are the best advocates for your school. Getting them on camera to share their experiences and how the school has helped them is a great way to further promote your school.

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