Tools to develop the email marketing at your school

Despite conflicting theories, email is still one of the most effective ways to market to your parent audience. Your email subscriber list is a valuable resource that can easily be under-utilised or even damaged if you are sending emails that are unappealing or badly optimised. Alternatively, your email list could help advertise your school and expand your parent audience at a fraction of the price of many traditional marketing methods.

Here are three tools to develop your school’s email marketing and three to make project management easier.

Best of web for email marketing

1. The power of email personalisation
Even just a small amount of personalisation in your email will drastically improve your chance of getting your message into your recipient’s inbox, then being opened and ultimately read. Follow these tips to engage on a more personal level with your audience.

2. Tips for sending dramatically better emails
This list is possibly the most comprehensive, best practice email resource you will find on the internet. Add this page to your bookmarks and revisit it whenever you can to improve your emailing skills.

3. Seven tips for building a killer email list
An informative infographic that looks at some of the more left field ideas for building your email list. Not only does it offer some suggestions you may not have thought of, but it backs them up with facts that are presented periodically throughout the infographic.

Cool tools for project management

4. Huddle
Huddle offers file sharing and collaboration for government and organisations alike. It works seamlessly across devices and is a good tool for solving your version control problems.

5. Freedom
Smartphones can be one of our biggest distractions and can cause us to waste hours every day. Freedom can block certain websites and apps from your smartphone and computer to keep you focused on the tasks at hand.

6. Evernote
Evernote is a note-taking, organising and archiving app. Use it to collaborate on projects, collate your research, save files, jot down notes, keep track of links and much more.

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