How and why you should celebrate your school’s content milestones

You’ve just sent out your two hundredth newsletter, posted your one hundredth blog or just hit two years of recording podcasts – well done! It’s obvious that you’ve put some effort into your content marketing and are taking it seriously. This is cause for celebration and it’s worth sharing your success with your team and with those you are providing content for. Creating that ‘100th Episode Special’ is not only good for your own celebration but you can use it to cast light on your content creation and why it’s important. Your parents may be enjoying your content regularly but do they really understand its importance and purpose? This is your chance to stand out to the regular viewers and remind those who have forgotten, that you still exist.

Here are some ways you can celebrate your school’s content milestones.

For newsletters

Every school has a newsletter. We hope that by now you have realised that this is actually content marketing and it’s a great opportunity to share with your parents. The first thing you’ll want to do is inform your audience that this is a special edition of your newsletter. This can be done with different colours and logo (whilst keeping within your school’s style guide) or by adjusting the standard layout to change the newsletter’s focus. The content of the newsletter should include an acknowledgement and description of the milestone, followed by a statement regarding the future of the newsletter that encourages viewers to continue reading. Thanking those involved in the newsletter’s creation is also a great way to acknowledge your team and introduce the readers to the faces behind the content. This gives your readers a better appreciation for the content and makes it more personal as they now know who is behind creating the writing.

For blogs

Blogs can be changed in similar ways to newsletters, since they are both written publications. Blogs also provide a better opportunity to shine light on your content as they are more obviously seen as content by your readers. Every school has a newsletter but not every school has a blog so this is your time to tell your parents how special and important it is. An anniversary or special edition blog is a great chance to look back at your top performing blogs and posts. This can give them an extra boost of views and is an easy source of content which saves you writing time. This is also an opportunity for you to look at your blog analytics and discover what performed well and why.

For podcasts

Podcasts, like blogs can be adorned with all sorts of special edition messaging but now you can do it audibly instead of visually. Record special introduction and conclusion sequences so that you can explain the importance of the milestone and delight your listeners with your proud and excited tone of voice. You’ve made a content achievement, you should be excited! Making a big deal out of your achievement will show its importance and this will really come across in your content and tone. Replaying or even just mentioning your best performing podcasts are also a great option. Doing a special interview or running a competition may also be effective ways of celebrating your content achievement. Plus, they are great tactics to increase engagement with your listeners.

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