How infographics can improve your school marketing

Many school marketers are capitalising on the visual aspect of their online content, particularly with the use of infographics. It’s not unusual to see blog entries and social media posts that feature infographics with bite-sized facts and figures. It has become a trend in school marketing because it gives marketers a better chance to attract more prospective parents and customers.

Here’s how infographics can improve your school marketing:

1. They are visually engaging
Writing quality content is your number one priority but if no-one is reading past the first line because they are so put off by the big chunks of text, then it doesn’t matter how good your content is. You are fighting for your reader’s attention and engaging infographics will help you enormously. Use them to break up your text and provide visual relief from the strain of text.

2. They are great for sharing
While a good article will get shared more often than a bad one, an infographic will be shared even more. Visual content (that includes infographics) is more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content; an infographic can also be a great thumbnail when sharing via social media.

3. They encourage learning
Text in an infographic is much more likely to be read than standard text in an article. Not only that, people are much more likely to remember the information you are giving them when it is presented in an engaging manner through an infographic. They are especially useful for visual learners who learn best when presented with images and graphics.

4. They are good for search engine optimisation (SEO)
Infographics and images in general provide you with more opportunities to add keywords to your page. An infographic can have a title, alternative text and a description which all help your SEO.

5. They help deliver your message
Sometimes it can be hard to describe in words what you are trying to say. The combination of images and words is a powerful and effective way to deliver a message. The visual aspect of the infographic delivers insights that can sometimes take paragraphs to explain and the text can support the visual content by delivering details not possible in an image.  

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