5 reasons why school webinars work

Webinars are used to deliver seminar-style content through an online platform. The purpose of a webinar is to present a topic that is relevant and engaging for the intended audience. Webinar formats can vary from being a one-way pre-recorded video or an interactive session where hosts and viewers can respond in real time. Even today, webinars are proven to be a very helpful tool in school marketing. Here are some of the reasons why school webinars work.

  1. They’re easy.
    Webinars are convenient because nowadays, everyone has access to a device that can connect to the internet. Hosting webinars allows your school to connect with past, present and future students and their families without them ever having to leave their house. Because of how easy it is to join in on a webinar, schools can reach an even bigger audience.
  2. They’re engaging.
    Although other digital platforms can be helpful with providing information about your school, it’s predominantly one-way communication taking place. Webinars, however, allow your school to directly engage with a large group of students and parents all at once. School webinars are an ideal platform for answering questions in real time and providing all the information that an audience is asking for.
  3. They’re cheap.
    Webinars aren’t expensive and some of them are even available for free! Although some require a fee, this charge is only to provide better and more flexible benefits. All that’s needed to host a webinar is a computer, internet connection and a service provider.
  4. They’re effective.
    By hosting a webinar, schools can deliver a mass of information in an engaging way. Schools have the time and the space to help their audience understand what they’re truly about. Webinars are effective because you can combine a bundle of diverse information into an hour-long seminar – including videos, statistics, case studies and policies.
  5. They’re shareable.
    Another key perk of webinars is that they can be recorded, shared and re-watched. So even if someone missed the initial viewing, your school can share the link on social media, email or via newsletter, which can help with the growth of viewership. Webinars can create anticipation amongst your audience as they wait for the next episode. The more engaging the webinars are, the more invested the audience will be for the next episode.

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