Your Data Goldmine: unleashing the power of first-party insights for your school marketing [podcast #214]

School marketing and communications with Charlie Maughan, James Tindall and Sophia White

Show notes

In this episode, Charlie is joined in the studio for the last episode of 2023 by his co-host Rita Kilroy, and Mentor Marketing Founder and Director – Amanda Reid. In the Making News segment, the team discuss the mass Optus out(r)age and the lack of communication which serves a reminder to school marketers of how (not) to manage crisis communications. In the Deep Dive, Amanda took the team through the importance of First-Party Data to all marketers as the deadline for the end of cookies approaches. The team discuss what a First-Party Data Strategy would look like, and where school marketers should start. Finally in the Rants and Raves segment, the team raved about some self-skipping ads produced by Ikea India. 

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